Waterford Fleurology Ruby 12 inch Rose Bowl

This Waterford Fleurology Ruby 12 inch Rose Bowl is something that can be added to a home in order to transform the whole space. This bowl is not very large in size, but the look of it is something that is so special that it will draw attention and cause those who see it to step closer and admire it. Made of crystal, this bowl is something that is valuable and something that will be cherished. This bowl features a carefully crafted beautiful design all around it. It's colored in a bold way, helping it to make a statement in the room in which it is placed. This bowl can be used to display flower petals, floating candles, or flower bouquets.

Waterford has been around since 1783, and they have worked hard to put out quality pieces in all of the years that they have been working. Their original work was recognized for its purity right away, and they were admired for the way in which they completed each project. Waterford still practices the ancient craft of mold making, and they are one of the few companies out there today that still does that. They put time and attention into each design that they create, and they work hard to make sure that everything that they put out is special.


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