Wellendorff in color

Wellendorff, renowned for its spinning ring signature, is also branded as the purple ring because of its popular enameled purple hue. But the brand has since introduced a line of other colors, which makes Wellendorff a flexible choice if you’re into color meanings in jewelry. You have Wellendorff in black patterns, black being the color of prosperity, health, fidelity, and strength. Likewise, a Wellendorff blue can mean confidence, truth, and also loyalty. Red Wellendorff, meanwhile, stands for energy, love, and power. If you want simplicity, elegance, or innocence, go for Wellendorff in white. Of course, we come back to Wellendorff purple, which is the symbol of spirituality, serenity, and pride. Indeed, when you wear a Wellendorff you’re a  proud owner of one of the world’s most renowned German jewelry brand.
Wellendorff is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.


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