Wellendorff Ring of the Year 2017

Wellendorff’s iconic jewelry can be recognized anywhere, even before you spot the Wellendorff logo that can be found on every piece. Wellendorff takes a different approach to jewelry design, combining color, metal, and texture in a way that is unique that makes a definitive statement about the wearer. Wellendorff knows that it is the feeling that the piece invokes much more than the physical attributes of the piece that will make it a classic. Wellendorff makes pieces that are exclusive enough for evening, and timeless enough to be worn every day.

The Wellendorff 2017 Ring of the Year is a limited edition that is dedicated to the memory of happy moments shared with the one you love. When two souls cross paths, it is a special occasion that should be marked with a special piece jewelry. Only 217 women will be able to have this special ring. Each ring is numbered so that you know it is unique. This ring features diamonds set against brilliant 18K yellow gold among interwoven rose and apricot toned circles. Of course, it prominently features the Wellendorff logo set with a brilliant high fire diamond. The design is vibrant, magical, and unforgettable, as will be the moment she receives it. 


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