Wellendorff's Genuine Values


Wellendorff jewelry has unique features that are etched on the family-owned luxury brand. As what the company strives to propagate, each piece reflects genuine values of quality and unusual design that is unmatched. It echoes unique and original characteristics to the brand that are sought after by collectors around the world. It adheres to the company’s commitment to highest level of quality and beauty. Wellendorff’s conservativeness in its design, as some have labeled it, has been taken as a compliment and strength of the brand to further define its identity over other jewelry brands. These are not just vague concepts and ideals of the brand. These principles are outwardly communicated by every Wellendorff piece. That’s what “Genuine Values” stands for – being true to its original identity from its foundation and not trying to be superfluous or to be something it isn’t. As you examine Wellendorff necklace made from inimitably designed gold ropes and mobile rings over a ring, this value will just become crystal clear.
Get these pieces now at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro – an authorized dealer of Wellendorff.


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