Wellendorff's Wahle Werte that Invades the World


Wahre werte or "Genuine Values" is the battlecry of Wellendorf Designs, one of the world's most successful luxury goods manufacturer. Established in 1893 by Ernst Alexander Wellendorff in Pforzheim, Baden Wurttemberg, Wellendorff Designs' first clients were the aristocracies and European royalties. Staying strong against the tides of change, this German jewelry designer and manufacturer didn't make it to the first century by following the latest fashion fads across time. Instead, the family-owned company remains true to itself by adhering to its founding philosophy of genuine values. 
For the Wellendorffs, "Genuine values begin in a real family". The four generations of Wellendorffs consider family life as teamwork. They work together in their jewelry collections, placing utmost importance on transparency, creativity and constant communication with each other. Many onlookers would more or less label this hardworking, closely-knit family as "conservative". The Wellendorf members consider that a compliment. Their family truly never ventured into the loud and strident way of life. They are a quiet and unobstrusive lot that spill their stylish lives into the jewelry they create. 
"The most important thing is family first," declares fourth-generation Christoph Wellendorff. "Family values is the key element." With old jeweler families fading away or soccumbing to mergers and acquisitions of public companies, Wellendorff is one of the few family businesses left standing in the jewelry making industry. 
"Genuine Values are created by skilled artisans." This is what the Wellendorff family believes. One of the factory's current owner speaks soulfully about the depth of the jewelry making craft. "For three years, I was working on the bench [training as a golsmith] because this is what you need to get the detail and depth of what we are doing. The love for the material, the love for the jewelry, comes from the making. You have to experience. You have to hold a file for three years to understand how it should be done." This passionate approach of Wellendorf Design's current leader stems from a long heritage of wahre werte which he effectively passes down to all the 65 staff who now work for the company. It is not surprising, then, why Wellendorff is synonymous with cutting edge designs and top-notch worksmanship.
The supple Wellendorf rope is weaved fashionably from approximately 160 meters of 18 carat gold thread. The silky smooth gold chain introduced by third-generation Hanspeter Wellendorf around 40 years ago. Until now, the Wellendorff rope remains one if its strongest products. At Wellendorff Designs, Artisans make use of modern facilities but every one of its signature gold rope is still handcrafted until today.Talk about painstaking jewelry creation. Before the newest designs of Wellendorff rope necklace make it into the collection, it is worn and tested carefully to make sure it cleaves gently to the wearer. With the care that Wellendorff puts into its masterpieces, only a score of the brand's unique jewels leave its manufactory premises everyday. This just makes the diamond W insignia a rarer and more valuable find for the fashion and arts connoiseur.
Another signature design from Wellendorf is its stacked, rotating ring. This ring is a specialty of its kind. Each ring is actually composed of 4 separate rings that are bonded together firmly without completely paralyzing their individual mobility. The brand's German precision comes into play in putting the ring together while keeping the smallest manufacturing tolerance of 0.01 mm (the width of a hair). The result of this ingenious mechanism is the famous Wellendorff revolving ring, which rotates playfully in a distinct velvet-smooth movement. If an old myth is to be taken seriously, turning the band three times grants its owner one free wish! 
The ring is made of different shades of gold and finished with a vibrant coating of translucent cold enamel that withstands extreme conditions without losing its quality. Some popular white enamelled rings are the Diamond Wings, Angel's WIngs, Vanilla Fantasy, and Angel of Love that are mostly from the elegant Golden Angel Collection. Sensuous gold rings in lustrous red enamel include the Cherry, Hibiscus, Orange and Chill-Fantasy. The more regal one are the Violet fantasy and Lilac. The green Pistachio-Fantasy is one of the more playful pieces in the Wellendorff lot. And if these are not enough, there are more intricate pieces to choose from among the cool blue, choco tinted and black enamelled collections. 
Wellendorff also creates lovely earrings and bracelet from gold, diamonds, pearls and other precious materials, all marked with its unparalleled craftsmanship. All Wellendorf items are stamped with a noticeable diamond-bearing W insignia that assures its costumers of the item's authentic value and high-end elegance. 
Lastly, "Genuine Values have worldwide validity." Just as the human positive character traits such as excellence and dedication are universally accepted, so are the makings of a fine jewelry accepted anywhere in the world. Undoubtedly, Wellendorff proves this point by the international acclaim that it enjoys. The Germany-made jewels are a favorite in Beijing, Hongkong, and San Francisco, and other fashion centers in Asia, America, Europe and the rest of the world. Wellendorff Designs has also had its share of limelight from renown publications like Fine Times, Swiss Universe, The Nikkei Magazine,  Financial Times, Outlook Magazine and Skyward. Majority of these magazines featured Wellendorff creations multiple times.
In the United States, Wellendorff is sold through company boutiques and select retailers. Schiffman's Jewelers, an authorized Wellendorff dealer, displays the intricate collections of Wellendorff in its jewelers shop at the Friendly Center.


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