William Yeoward Crystal Honeycomb Honey Jar and Spoon

The William Yeoward Crystal Honeycomb Honey Jar & Spoon is truly a fantastic way to present honey while entertaining guests at home or at any dinner party.

William Yeoward crystal glassware looks elegant and gorgeous under all circumstances. While the jar itself is shaped like a honeycomb, it never once loses the beauty of the William Yeoward yellow crystal. The jar has a degree of symmetry to its shape. This is a jar that is just as gorgeous and professional as anything else that William Yeoward has ever produced.

This honey jar will easily manage to maintain its luster even after it has been washed several times and after it has been filled with honey. The honey itself will look that much more appetizing when it is served in a container like this one.

The spoon is ideally suited to the honey jar as well, and everything fits together perfectly. People often want to have jars and accessories that will look as if they are truly part of a complete set, and that is the case here. William Yeoward has many other creative glassware pieces. Won't you stop by Schiffman's today and take a look?


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