You Better Believe It

Wellendorff beguiled the world with its sultry yet classy and elegant creations. It has been best known for the beautiful golden rope necklaces and colored spinning rings – designs that seemingly came to life from fairy tales. They are beautifully conceptualized and executed that it is hard to believe they are real when you are looking straight at them or they are gracing your skin. Despite being made from solid 18 karat gold, the Wellendorff rope necklace has a delicate and graceful look and feel. It is both flexible and strong. The very thing is a wonder of craftsmanship and design. So is the Wellendorff spinning ring as it seems to be pure magic as it spins along a fine velvety path on the wearer’s finger. This too is a feat in design and precision that only Wellendorff can offer. 
To see more of the Wellendorff magic, visit us at Schiffman’s in Downtown, Greensboro. 


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